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What is a VPN? Top 5 VPN Uses:


What is VPN?
A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure tunnel between two or more devices. VPNs are used to protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.

Top 5 VPN Uses:

1. Hide your IP address and location:
Use VPN to hide your IP and location. Choose among any of our VPN server locations in the US, UK, Australia, or any of 94 countries worldwide.

2. View blocked websites from anywhere
Easily unblock sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Gmail. With VPN you can keep on accessing the sites you love.

3. Avoid censorship and surveillance
When connected to VPN, your ISP only sees encrypted traffic passing to our VPN servers, but they cannot decipher the data or know the websites you have visited.

4. Stay safe from hackers and thieves
Once connected to VPN, all your data is encrypted and indecipherable, so you won’t have to worry about passwords and other sensitive information being intercepted.

5. Prevent third parties from tracking you
By hiding your IP address and location, VPN makes it harder for third-party sites and services to charge different prices or display targeted advertising based on location.

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